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2021 February 10 Community Fire Department Meeting(Electronic Remote Attendance)

2021 February 10 TIFA Meeting (Electronic Remote Attendance) AGENDA

2021 February 9 City Council Meeting (Electronic Remote Attendance) AGENDA

2021 February 8 Planning Commission Meeting (Electronic Remote Attendance) AGENDA

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Welcome to the website for the City of Reading, Michigan. Our community motto, 'Traditional values, progressive spirits', is truly reflective of how we see ourselves. We are steeped in traditional values, cherishing and honoring our past while remembering the important things in life.

Our progressive spirits show that we look towards the future, not only in our planning, but also in working together to reach personal and community goals. We consider ourselves a small community with a bright future.

Located in western Hillsdale County, metropolitan areas such as Jackson Michigan, Fort Wayne Indiana, and Toledo Ohio are within an hour or so of Reading. Interstates I-69 and I-80/90 as well as Highways US-12 and M-49 all make your journey into Reading easily accessible from all parts of the tri-state area.

Our town is supported economically by local stores and small businesses, agriculture and partly as a commuter city to the Hillsdale and Coldwater areas. We also have an industrial park, supported by several manufacturing facilities, including specialty metal production.



2021 City Council Meeting Schedule

2021 City Planning Commission Schedule

2021 City TIFA Meeting Schedule 

2021 Reading Community Fire Department Board Meeting Schedule 


2021 March 1 City Hall Open for Tax Collection

Notice of Request For Proposal for Parking Lot at Michigan Street Pavilion

Notice of Vacancies Planning Commission

Notice of Vacancy City Councilperson

City of Reading COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) UPDATE-December 8, 2020

2020 December 9 Reading Community Fire Board Meeting CANCELLED

2020 December 8 City Council Meeting (Electronic Remote Attendance)

2020 December 7 Planning Commission Meeting (Electronic Remote Attendance)

City of Reading COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) UPDATE-November 23,2020

Tuesday November 17 2020 City Hall Closed (Funeral for City Councilor Nancy Briggs)

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City of Reading COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan (Updated December 8, 2020)

City of Reading COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) UPDATE-December 8, 2020

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