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We have recieved an additional $5,000 from both Consumers Energy and the Reading TIFA to extend the 'Our Town' program into a second round. The deadline continues to be December 20th at 5 P.M. We will only be accepting and processing orders from those who have not yet ordered or did not order the maximum of 5 cards during the first round. You can download and print off your own order forms here. Or you may stop into City Hall and participating businesses.

Thanks to a generous donation from Consumers Energy’s “Our Town” gift card program, the City of Reading Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) and Reading Chamber of Commerce is doubling the amount of gift cards purchased through December 20, 2021, or until donated funds run out. This means that when you spend $25.00, you will get an additional $25.00 for that same business.

With your help, the TIFA & Reading Chamber of Commerce will invest $30,000 in Downtown businesses!

The program will begin on Monday, November 29, 2021 and will run through December 20, 2021, or until donated funds run out.  Individuals (not businesses) may purchase up to 5 gift cards or gift certificates under the program.  You are encouraged to purchase not more than one card or certificate from a single business to spread the benefit to many.  Orders will be processed on a first-come, first served basis. 

How to Purchase
Purchasing is easy!  Download the order form, select up to 5 gift cards from participating businesses, place your order form with payment in the secure drop box located between the Post Office and City Hall.  Allow 7-10 business days for your payment to be processed and City staff will purchase and mail your gift cards.  Keep in mind that postal delivery delays should be expected near the holidays.

If you prefer to pick up your gift cards, contact City Hall at (517) 283-2604 or Kym Blythe at 517-398-4828 to arrange a time.


Participating Businesses


Hippie Gypsy 120 S. Main St. 734-624-6924
June’s Place 125 S. Main St. 517-283-1888
K-Tees 112 Michigan St. 517-474-1118
Lefties Puffporium 108 S. Main St. 260-229-0201
Liquid Images 107 S. Main St. 517-283-1849
Lone Ranger Cafe 135 Michigan St. 517-901-0360
Razorbak Outdoors 701 S. Main St. 517-283-3614
Ray’s Tavern 114 S. Main St. 517-283-2665
Reading Pizza Barn 222 S. Main St. 517-283-2883
Rob’s Barbershop 209 W. Elm St. 517-283-2998


Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I redeem my gift card? And when will it expire?

Gift cards may be redeemed as soon as you receive them and will expire on December 31, 2022

My favorite business is not on the list of businesses to choose from. How can I get them involved?

Due to program limitations, only locally owned businesses that were most impacted by COVID-19 or within the TIFA District are eligible. If your favorite business is not listed, they may not have been eligible to participate in the program. You may still purchase gift cards directly through the business, while there will not be a match incentive you will still be helping to show your support.

How were businesses in the TIFA notified of this program?

City staff sent emails and made phone calls to each eligible business.

Terms of Service

Program funds are limited.  Once the donation has been expended, no additional gift cards or gift certificates will be sold.

The Reading Chamber of Commerce and Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) are the only administrators of the Gift Card Incentive Program. Purchasers release the City of Reading, TIFA and Reading Chamber of Commerce from all liability and responsibility with any United States Postal Service delay and/or failure to deliver gift cards.

Gift cards issued under this program carry the same risk that all gift cards have. Specifically, that the participating merchant may cease business and not be able to provide the goods or services.

After the issuance of the gift card, purchasers should contact the merchant directly with any questions or problems. Purchasers understand and agree that problems associated with a gift card are the sole responsibility of the participating merchant not the City of Reading, TIFA or Chamber of Commerce.

Purchaser releases the City of Reading, TIFA and Reading Chamber of Commerce from all liability and responsibility associated with the failure of the participating merchant to be able to provide the goods or services.

No refunds or exchanges will be given.